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As the first of its kind, FFC is focused around utility. Our members can use and enjoy our club, converting a typical membership into an asset.

  • Members can lease or resell their membership
  • Payment for food and beverage will be in USD
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Why NFT?

As an NFT, the membership becomes an asset to the token holder, which can later be sold, transferred or leased to others on the secondary market. By utilizing NFT's, FFC is able to create a loyal, member-community that we can provide special experiences for. NFT's create new modernistic financial models, which will allow FFC to deliver an exceptional and sustainable product for years to come.

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The membership to Flyfish Club is purchased with a cryptocurrency called Ether (ETH).

What is ETH and how do I get it?

ETH is the cryptocurrency of Ethereum.

Why can't I purchase it with US dollars via my credit/debit card?

You will need a private hot wallet to receive your membership token. We'll explain more below.

The membership for Flyfish Club is in the form of a Non-Fungible Token (NFT). The initial public launch was in January 2022 and is now sold out. Membership can now be purchased on the secondary market.

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger. NFTs can be used to represent easily-reproducible items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files as unique items, and use blockchain technology to establish a verified and public proof of ownership

The initial minting is over, but you can still buy a membership and store it in a wallet.

What is a hot wallet?

A hot wallet refers to a virtual currency wallet that is accessible online, and it facilitates cryptocurrency transactions between the owner and end-users. A collection of private keys stored on a program connected to the internet is used to store and send different currencies such as Etherium, Bitcoin, etc.

There are two wallets you will need. One to purchase the cryptocurrency ETH (we recommend Coinbase) and the other to purchase the NFT (we recommend Metamask).

Why do I need a hot wallet? Can't I just transfer money from my account from a crypto-exchange?

Hot wallets is how you would store NFTs. When you buy ETH from an exchange, the ETH is often stored in an account balance for you. These account balances might not be set up to receive NFTs if you use it to send funds.

Where do I go to buy a membership now?

We recommend checking the collection at OpenSea.

After the process is successful, the Flyfish Membership NFT will be automatically transferred into your hot wallet.

What do I need to be prepared?

We have a checklist for you!

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Once you own the Flyfish Membership NFT, you will be able to make reservations on our website. Non-token holders will not have the ability to make reservations.

When is the restaurant open?


How long does the membership last?

For the lifetime of the restaurant

There will be no transaction fees involved to make a reservation, however members will need to have access to the wallet where their membership NFT is kept in order to verify ownership.

As a NFT, the memberships are tradable on the secondary market.

What does it mean by the secondary market?

Once a person purchases the original token from Flyfish Club, all future transactions happen on a secondary market, such as Opensea.io.

OpenSea is the first and largest peer-to-peer marketplace for cryptogoods (like an eBay for crypto assets), which include collectibles, gaming items, and other virtual goods backed by a blockchain. On OpenSea, anyone can buy or sell these items through a smart contract.

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Reservations & Entrance Policy

Only holders of the Flyfish Club membership can make reservations.

The reservation is made online through our private members portal. Members will need to connect their hot wallet to verify ownership prior to every reservation.

The member must also be present for the reservation, therefore guests of the member may not be seated until the token holder arrives.

How do I make reservations?

Only active members are allowed to make reservations. These reservations are not done “on-chain” therefore there will not be any transaction fees to make a reservation. Members will need to create an account and sign in to Flyfish Club's website in order to make reservations.

We will have more information once we are closer to opening the restaurant!





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