A message from our founders

2023 is focused on designing, building, and opening
Flyfish Club at 141 E Houston St.

To ensure we execute our plans and not distract from the
core goal, we'll be producing less events this year. Don't
worry, they'll still be awesome and we wouldn't be
surprised if a few extra ad-hoc ones pop-up both IRL and
virtually throughout the year.

The below is a rough sketch of how we anticipate the year
going. When dealing with construction and supply chain,
unexpected factors could surface. As always, we will do
the best we can and make necessary adjustments, if need-be.

Union Rooftop in Minneapolis

2023 Roadmap

Engage all Professional Trades of Flyfish Club

By January 15th, 2023 - all designers, architects, mechanical engineers, expeditors, kitchen designers, general contractors, plumbers, electricians, and millworkers, to be secured to design, build and execute Flyfish Club.

Hangout with Gary - Spring 2023

Virtual, same playbook as we did in 2022. More information coming soon.

Plans & Permitting of Flyfish Club

By May 1st, 2023 - all design, equipment and mechanical plans will be complete with the required DOB permits received.

VeeCon Dinner Party

May 2023 - Flyfish Club is back for another exciting event exclusive at VeeCon.

Learn more

Construction & Buildout of Flyfish Club

May - October, 2023 - the building of Flyfish Club based on the plans created by our various trades.

Cooking Demo & Beverage Tips - July 2023

Gary, Chef Capon, Chef Conor, and David will all host this virtual summer event, where the partners teach you how to cook and pair the perfect drinks with your dinner. More details coming soon.

NYC Event - Fall 2023

More details coming soon.

Pre-Opening of Flyfish Club

October - November, 2023 - Hiring and training of our team and preparing to open for our members.

Opening of Flyfish Club

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